Sneak Preview - Flashback RPG Basic Rules

Flashback RPG Sneak Preview

What is Flashback?

Flashback is a next generation RPG with simple, fun and innovative rules where players develop their character by adding to their backstory and building personality traits. The key difference between Flashback and other RPGs is the eponymous advancement system: using storytelling techniques inspired by TV and film, players reveal events and characters from their past to enhance their skills and abilities in the present.

This makes every situation an opportunity for roleplaying and encourages interesting and complex characters to develop through gameplay. Players are rewarded for being creative and engaging with each other - not just the GM.

Flashback is a game for players who love D&D but want their game to have a stronger focus on roleplaying, character growth and storytelling.

Basic Rules Preview

Below you'll find a sneak preview of a few chapters from our prototype rules! This is all still pre-production content but it should give you a taste of what you can expect from the Flashback RPG Kickstarter on June 13!

Please note that the layout and quality is still in draft and will be completely and professionally reworked for the final release.

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